Going to Mars with NIN

As we all know, this past Sunday May 25 the Phoenix Mission to Mars landed successfully. I was a little man in 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon, a time when the images that came back were grainy black and white pictures piped through wavy television screens. My toddler is just about the same age right now as I was back then. And it blows me away that he’s living in a time when we can see all this through high-resolution computer screens that are way better than those cranky boxes of the 1960’s. It’s amazing how far we’ve come.

It’s kind of unfortunate that we don’t have video of the entire mission as it took place from launch to landing. But we do have computer animation to help us understand just how sleek this mission really is. And we have a very cool musical accompaniment provided by Nine Inch Nails’ Sunspots. Enjoy:

Watching that Delta rocket soar out of earth’s orbit is a remarkable work of art.

When the Phoenix landed, it took this shot of its foot (best seen with the 3-D glasses I’m sure you have handy):

Mars Rover Footprint

What makes this even cooler (at least for the geeks among us) is that you can receive communication from Phoenix via Twitter. Furthermore, the Mars Exploration Rover Mission can be seen on Facebook too. It’s a such a wild time to be alive. In a time when we hear so much bad news, it’s a proud relief to know there are some things we get right.

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