iGoogle Job Search Keeps a Tab on Your Career

It’s always a wise strategy to keep up-to-date with the opportunities in the marketplace of your career. The problem with the major career search sites such as CareerBuilder or Monster is that it can be hard to keep up with all the alerts or to always search each site looking for a prospect
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that’s worth pursuing. Indeed helps aggregate these search engines of course. But even that can be time-consuming. Having a single radar screen to view the searches that are relevant to your interests not only makes your life easier but it also helps you to keep a focus on the management of your career. A simple solution: use your iGoogle account to display lenses of real-time searches from your choice of services.

Steps to set up a tab on your job search:

  1. Set up an iGoogle account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click Add a Tab and enter a name for your tab (Career, Job Search, etc.)
  3. Click “Add Stuff”
  4. In the search bar, you can do either enter “job search” or the specific sites you use
  5. Review and select the widgets that are displayed
  6. Take advantage of the “You might also like” option offered
  7. In each of your widgets, edit the profile (job description, location, number of posts to display in the lens, etc)
  8. Click “Back to iGoogle Home” and review your new job search lens
When you’re done, you should have a page that looks like this:
iGoogle Job Search

That’s it. Play around with the lens and customize it however you wish.

I recommend including a lens for your LinkedIn profile and even your FaceBook or Myspace profiles to round out your entire lens page. You could even set up your own Google Custom Search with your job search specs and include that in your career tab in iGoogle. If that’s too complicated then you can just grab “Job Search Universe” in iGoogle’s gadget seach page and add it to your lens (in the screenshot above, it’s in the lower right hand). Happy job searching!