How to Kill Patients and Get Away With It

The feeling of moral responsibility is inversely proportional to the distance between the moral agent and the point of responsibility.

The closer the point of responsibility, the greater the feeling of responsibility.

To illustrate: it’s easier to blow the face off of a toddler by passive consent to war when she’s 6,000 miles away than 30 feet in front of you. Why? It’s much easier to justify the killing when the toddler has no face to begin with in your mind’s eye.

This is why  banality is so evil – if you don’t feel a sense of responsibility, it’s harder to step up. You feel no reason.

With that, let’s explore how our healthcare institutions, ideologies, practices, providers, FDA, HIPAA, information systems and vendors can continue to kill patients…and get away with it.

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Health Is Social And Other Adventures

Just a few updates on what I’ve been up to for regular readers.

After spending a few years discussing how healthcare and other related industries aught to approach emerging media – and having met some wonderful people on the way – I decided to carve out some web real estate to focus on the social aspects of healthcare and the health aspects of social.

I wanted to design a place where I could bring together the talents and interests of others who are playing some part in making healthcare better. I also wanted a place where I could continue to offer my views not only on healthcare’s adoption of social media but also how the industry can go way beyond the tools and design more social business processes to deliver better care, foster better collaboration and forge new ways of researching.

I totally know what I’m about to say sounds (and is) cocky but I’ll say it anyway: Now that the healthcare industry is catching up to what me and a few others we talking about years ago, I now get to talk about things ahead of time once again. A lot of the active discussions about healthcare and emerging media right now are where they were for a lot of other industries back in 2008 (and that’s OK). There I said it. I’m Phil from the Future – what else can I say? 😉

Anyway, the tagline for this blog a long time ago was “Health Is Social”. So I decided to take that line and create Simple as that.

The site has garnered positive early response. In fact, on August 26, 2010 (1:00pm-3:00pm EDT), I’ll host a Webinar Healthcare Social Media: Perspectives in Practice. Go check it out – if you like what you see, spread the news. My friend Bob Fine – who ran a series of conferences on Twitter and Government 2.0 –  will be helping me out with these Webinars.

I’ll continue to post here as well. The content may expand to other interests but I’ll always have my eyes and ears on what’s going on in healthcare.

I’ve always been a lover of ideas – no matter how big or small. Ideas power the world.

But ideas also need execution. Accordingly, I’ve been investing efforts to build out those ideas and the networks needed to get them rolling.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to share my ideas here – small, medium and ginormous.

You can follow HealthIsSocial on Twitter right here.

Cheers, my friends – and thank you for listening!