Pharma & Social Media: Best Strategic Learning Investment for 2010

My friend Ellen Hoenig Carlson compiled an ebook of insights and suggestions for helping the pharmaceutical and other health care industries adapt to 21st Century challenges and opportunities. Ellen is editor of AdvanceMarketWoRx and she asked me to contribute to her project. She’s sincerely devoted to the goal of improving pharmaceutical marketing processes in order to deliver the best possible points of care to patients. She shares valuable thoughts and links and content on Twitter and you can follower her  here.

In addition to myself, contributors include an anthropologist, an e-Patient, some consultants and a healthcare recruiter.

All of the contributing perspectives are unique. For example, Andrew Spong PhD, founder of #hcsmeu (a Twitter chat for European healthcare and social media passionates), invokes Martin Heidegger when discussing Authenticity. How often do you get that in the context of health care marketing?

Susanah Fox, strategist for PEW, talks about how cultural changes affect patient advocacy. And my Twitter mates  Steve Woodruff,  Jonathan Richman,  Wendy Blackburn,  John Mack, and  Angela Dunn offer their visions and advice.

You can download the ebook  here. Read it: it’s important that the public and marketers understand our relationship with Technology. Marketing – especially pharmaceutical and healthcare – is about achieving a simple goal: connecting points of suffering with points of care. That’s not easy. It’s hard and requires creativity, ethics, discipline, knowledge, wisdom, leadership and hope.

Best Strategic Learning Investment in 2010

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