My Blog is Worth $0.00

I installed a widget from Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities and it confirmed my suspicions about the dollar value of my blog. According to the API my blog is worth precisely $0.00:

It raises a very good question about the whole purpose of blogging. How much is a blog worth? If it’s monetized, you certainly could generate a pleasing stream of cash flows through ecommerce or advertising.

But there are non-monetary values to blogging, all of which derive from the many purposes of blogging. I’ve been blogging for a very short time, but I have enjoyed the little writing I have done. What’s more, the whole process has forced me to come up to speed fairly quickly on the available tools for publishing and has opened me up to the the possibilities and challenges of web connectivity.

A friend of mine asked me the other day how many visitors I get to my blog. I hadn’t run Google Analytics recently enough to give him an answer but the latest analysis reveals less than 100 since this blog’s inception. His question, though, led me to Dane’s widget and when I ran it and it returned “Your blog is worth $0.00” I loved it! Zero is a nice round figure. If I decide to seriously zap the blog with focused monetization strategies, I’ll be curious to know what the widget says later on as my blogging continues.

But the question “What is your blog worth” is a actually deeper than a simple matter of monetary value of a blog. There is the matter of personal branding. Most of us were taught to go to a good school, get a good job and maintain a good resume. And most of us followed directions very well and we got into good schools, got good jobs and maintain good resumes. And yet, wouldn’t the more valuable instruction to us have been: brand yourself? The question “How much is your personal blog worth” is getting at your success in branding who you are. If I had to do things differently in my career I would have ditched the resume and gone for branding. I grew up listening to people who didn’t have resumes: Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Steve Marriott, the members of Pink Floyd and The Who and Jefferson Airplane and the list goes on. These names were brands. Remarkable brands. How much were those brands worth? I’m guessing a lot more than what they would have been if those folks were resumes.

So today my blog is worth $0.00, which is to say that my brand needs some work. Perhaps that’s why I’m blogging: to forge my voice and establish my reputation. Isn’t that what a brand is, a mark of voice and reputation? Sure it is. Certainly a blog is worth more than its sales price. How long will it take for blogs to be just as important to employers and business as resumes? As long as it takes employers and businesses to figure out that a blog is a far more three-dimensional measure of a personal brand than a resume.

So the value of a blog matters I think. Whether that value can be expressed in dollars may or may not be the important thing. But for me, if the money follows, well that leaves more toys to play with. And if the well stays dry, then at least I’ll have the key ingredients of a personal brand: a voice and a reputation.