Seth’s Advice on How to Enjoy Every Bite of Your Apple

All of us are marketers. That’s what you need to keep in mind when expecting customer service that gets results. This applies as much to Apple products as it does to medicine, critical care nursing or disaster relief.

If you own a Mac (or any other modern contraption subject to entropy), Seth Godin has sixteen very useful tips in Working with Apple Tech Support.

His list may be specific to Apple, but I think it’s got practical advice that shows us how to take responsibility for customer service. Customer service is about more than consumer satisfaction. It’s about bringing forth the best in us all. Customer service is also a mutual experience. Pay attention to step #14 if the list still doesn’t work for you.

Go to Seth’s blog, blookmark his post, and do yourself a big favor: buy The Dip. It just might save your life or help you get through the next disaster in your life, big or small.

What Apple Saw in 2010

In the 1980’s Apple would run commercials predicting how the world would look in the future. Here’s one:

Pretty remarkable. A bit 80’s cheesy, but still fairly close to what we’re doing these days.

But here’s an observation and a question. There was a time before personal computers and the internet when writers had great visions about the kinds of things we’d see in the future. Those writers had incredible imagination and they understood the moral implications of their high-tech visions. But now that we actually have some of the stuff around, we don’t seem to produce the same quality or number of visionary writers. What happened?