Lie, Disappoint and Steal…21st Century Tips for Marketers

Everyday on Twitter and everywhere else on the web I read variations of this question: “How do I use Twitter [insert a million other social media services] to market my company/brand/product/service?” I see this question raised by smart people who have degrees in marketing or PR and who have worked in the field for years. Successful, bright people ask this question every day. And yet I can’t help but thinking Why such an obsessional focus on gadgets?

Here’s what I think: whatever you market, do it long-term. Forget about gaming the system or the searching for easy-buttons. Realize that the web makes it harder and harder every day to hide your mis-behaviors, shoddy products and miserable customer services from the public. It’s possible. But the brand-cost of lying, disappointing and stealing goes up every day.


When you know that something doesn’t work – can’t work – looking at its opposite is usually worth a look-see. Established and engrained assumptions and business models that evolved out of the mass-assembly, mass-communication, mass-consumption economy of the 20th Century are collapsing. Micro-assembly, micro-connection and micro-sharing are re-shaping the way we interact with each other.

Do you know what elements you need to succeed in this century? I’ll give you three: trust, hope and sharing – the exact opposites of lying, disappointing and stealing. People need to trust that businesses are reliable, they need to hope that products and services are meaningful to them and they need to share in the wealth created by trusted and hopeful assets. If I can’t trust you, or if I think you’re hopeless, I’m not buying.


Here’s the secret algorithm for marketing anything in this century (or any other), the answer to the question I raised at the beginning of this post:

  1. Invest in trust
  2. Sell hope
  3. Share the wealth
  4. Repeat daily.

Sometimes tweeting inspires. If you need me to expand on what I mean in this post, then maybe it’s just not for you. If that’s the case, I especially welcome your comments.

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