What Social Media Can Learn From Nursing

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What? You’re kidding, right? I thought that nursing was behind the times and that nursing is supposed to learn about social media. What possibly could the Social Media elite learn from nursing?

I am flipping things around. Actually, in light of all of the online tips and strategies on how to incorporate social media (SM) tools into your life, there is one simple process all nurses use that can be applied to social media. After all, both nursing and social media are about people (right?) The process is an algorithm that all nursing students abhor and almost all nurses ridicule. It’s called the Nursing Process. It’s a fancy phrase for using common sense in practice.

It’s a simple, stepwise approach to clinical problem-solving. You all use this method everyday but just aren’t so full of yourself to actually give it a special name.

(Official historical note: A long time ago in a dimension far away, nurses who suffered from physician-envy decided to come up with their own professional method. The nursing process is the result of that complex.)

So here’s the algorithm, also known as ADPIE:

  1. Assess your patients’ (SM substitute: clients, audience)
  2. Diagnose your patient’s response (SM substitute: what does your market want/need? – what problem do my clients want me to help solve?)
  3. Plan your patients’ care (SM substitute: marketing efforts)
  4. Implement your care plan (SM substitute: execute your marketing plan)
  5. Evaluate the care you provide (SM substitute: analytics, trends, subscribers, comments, etc.)

Simple, isn’t it. Common sense, that’s all.

Work your plan. Plan your work.

Whenever you’re working on your blog, consider using this simple method. Use it at every step of your marketing process, whether it’s a profit-making business, a non-profit organization, a grassroots movement or your own personal or professional branding.

If your blogging or other social media projects are anemic, undergoing a lethal cardiac arrest or are just not feeling good, try ADPIE. Once a day or as needed.

My fellow nurses who are reading this post are probably laughing their butts off. But maybe for us this is a way to turn something that we’ve come to regard as complete BS into something useful outside of the bizarre world of health care.

For you who aren’t nurses, here’s your chance to be a great clinician for whatever social media ventures that matter to you.

This is one thing social media can learn from nursing. Are there any others? I can think of some, but I just ate dinner.

Let me know if this is a useful approach. Whatcha think?

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