Is Blogging Dead and For Losers?

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Wired magazine has declared that microblogging has made blogging ‘so 2004’. Wired’s post offers some truth but it misses a few important values that blogging provides.

Loren Felman at 1938 Media gave a remarkable speech on blogging which highlights much of what Wired missed. This is probably one of straightest commentary on the art of blogging and why (good) blogs beat other social media for your base. You can spend days reading about blogging and you won’t find better advice from someone with a stinging sense of humor. (Warning: expletives laid down for good measure.)

“Your blog is your little slice of digital heaven and nobody can *f* with you there.”

Loren Feldman generates heaps of criticism but this speech hammers down the claims that blogging is just for losers. It can be. Then again, most of the losers in the world aren’t blogging.

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