Twelve Questions Concerning Your Bliss

Follow your bliss. That’s what Joseph Campbell once told me. Well, he said so on TV and I thought that he was speaking to me. But he was speaking to you too. I don’t believe that bliss is a state, place or destination. I think that bliss is more of a stream of questions that […]

Overcoming Pharma’s Social Media Anxiety Disorder

There’s been an ongoing discussion about how the Life Sciences industries can face and integrate recently evolving media which the Web has been and continues to sprout. Remarkable as they are, the discussions are endless and most loop back into themselves without generating sufficient voltage to power an army of macrophages. Additionally, Pharmaceutical companies – […]

The Vaporization of Marketing

Image via Wikipedia Was your company blogging ten years ago? If not then why? Google made it easy for you and now you’ve lost ten years of priceless link juice. Given the fragmentation of media in the last ten years, it’s clear now just how relatively little work you actually had to do back then. […]