The majority of the content I produce on this blog are expressions of my own thoughts, opinions and ideas. If I review a product or service, I do so without compensation – on the rare occasion that I might receive compensation for a review, full disclosure will be provided.

I am on the Advisory Board for Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

I’m founder of Health Is Social, a website focused on the intersection of Healthcare and Social Media.

I am a member of the Better Health Network of medical bloggers and do receive compensation from advertising revenue for re-posts of my blog posts on Better Health. Better health re-posts select posts of mine and I do not receive foreknowledge of which posts will be re-posted on Better Health.

Furthermore, I occasionally am asked to be included in blogger briefings and receive compensation for those. I am not obligated to express any position with regard to anything I write in response to the briefings. Any time I write a post subsequent to a blogger briefing I will link to this disclosure statement.

I am also President of CareVocate LLC, a consultancy service and I will occasionally mention my business here on this blog.

If you have any questions about my this disclosure policy, please contact me via email: Phil /at/ PhilBaumann /dot/ com.