I work for C3i Solutions, an HCL Technologies Company, as Director of Digital Strategy and Operations. My primary roles include the planning and deployment of interactions, monitoring, and reporting solutions for clients in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and CPG industries.

I am a registered nurse with an extensive background in enterprise accounting, treasury operations, recruiting, and drug safety. My thoughts on Healthcare are over on HealthIsSocial and the @HealthIsSocial.

Here, I blog about different categories of interest – from the implications of technology in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial, and other regulated industries to the practical benefits of philosophical investigations. Although I take a decidedly skeptical view on Social Media’s impact on culture and our health, I also understand its professional and business capabilities (and even there I apply heavy doses of bunk-filtering).

I was a founding member of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and its first clinician to serve on its advisory board.

Other places: @PhilBaumann on Twitter, LinkedIn, PhilBaumann over at gee mail (read between the lines to send to the right place).

Note: these opinions and views are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.