Facebook Is Not Your Story

Your life is a story.

It’s a wild kind of story – not only are you the author, but nature is the author; other people are authors; loss and love are authors; hate and greed and war are authors; grace and fortune are authors.

It’s a story which flows through the media of time and space.

You can’t see time nor space – but they’re there. And you get to create with them.

Facebook claims it’s a place to tell your story.

No, Facebook is just one medium where things that aren’t really you radiate onto glowing screens.

Others may choose to believe Facebook’s claim as they let the radiation dart through they’re glimmered eyes, but you don’t have to believe any of it.

You may get knocked down, beaten and lost in life.

You, however, are the main author. You’ve been given just enough time and space to create your story.

Please don’t forget this.