A Story in the Form of a Question

When you step back and look at all the stuff involved in online business – the analytics, the content antics, the testing, the back-and-forth, trying to get a pulse on attribution management, finding that balance between quality creation and quantity measurement, knowing when to put out or fold – it all looks utterly deranged and weird and schizoid.

When you pan ever farther back, you have to ask yourself: what’s is all for? What’s it about really?

And if it’s about money, what happens after that multi-million dollar flip? What do you end up doing? Where do you go?…

…Why back to the Web, launching a new product or start up or tweeting that new cats-on-acid blog.

Is the Web, in its essence, the Mother of all Trolls, conveying us – little hamsters – on an electric sea with no land at any edge?


I posted this originally on G+.