Update to Readers

I love blogging and writing this blog and will continue to do so.

But I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal matters behind the scenes that are starting to require more of my attention. I’m OK, but I’m at a point where I need to make decisions about where to allocate time.

There’s even the chance that I may pull out of healthcare social media for a bit. I’m getting inundated with interest and requests, but the volume has become a bit much for me to tackle while dealing with my personal matters.

In addition to my personal matters, I’ve had a lifelong illness which has been flaring up lately – at the worst time, but that’s life.

I may actually have to consider a shift in career-focus. I’ve been doing most of what I do as a one-man-shop, and I think I’m realizing the importance of a regular and stable environment of face-to-face work relationships.

Many of you know me as the ‘healthcare social media’ guy, but I’m actually industry-agnostic. Even if I move away from Healthcare, it’s still a passion and I’m sure I’ll do what I can to move things along. It’s just that I may need a change in lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe I’ll crowdsource my next move. 😉

I’m turning off comments on this post, but if you want to reach me, my email is philbaumann at gmail point com.

Rilke was right: “You must change your life.” That’s what I’m doing.