QuoraQuora interests me.

Yes, it’s Silicon’s current shiny new object. There’s tons of those.

I feel differently about Quora.

Quora feels like an emerging convergence of what we can do at the intersection of technology and people.

Unlike Facebook, which is about people, Quora is about questions.

Unlike Twitter, which is about pulses from brains and machines, Quora is about deeper waves of thought, knowledge and experience.

Unlike LinkedIn, which is about connecting with people’s credentials, Quora is about connecting with the manifestation of their intelligence.

Unlike Blogging, Quora inverts the post and the comment.

What’s more: Quora can weave in and out of Facebook, Twitter, blogs – and perhaps eventually LinkedIn – to propagate the questions and calls for answers. That could give it a big boost.

Here’s even more:  Quora’s API isn’t out yet. Depending on what Quora does with its API, the service could become a major repository of findable and social knowledge.

Remember how you felt when you first took a look at Twitter? Yup. That’s Quora.

I’l have more to say about Quora. See HealthIsSocial for early thoughts: Quora Concerning Suicide.

My questions and answers are Phil-Baumann on Quora.




  1. Hi Aldon,

    Too funny.

    Yeah, I do think Quora may be on to something. We’re very early in the Gartner Hype Cycle to see too far into the future.

    But I do like the emphasis on Questions/Topics versus people. If Quora’s human curation team can scale it could be interesting.

    Also, we havent’ seen API released, so integration into other services could open up new opportunities.

    For now, I’ll play around with it.


  2. It is perhaps worth noting that I found this blog via Quora. In the healthcare topic, someone asked, “Which bloggers are influential in social media for health care and health organizations?” They pointed to Health Is Social and from there, I ended up here.

  3. Hey, bud!

    Regarding the HIS/PB confusion – it’s a good point. I may post previews of HIS over here and link there.

    But I’m also using PB to discuss other things besides healthcare too.

    Yes, let’s catch up IRL!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Phil. This is a really nicely thought out summary of Quora. Well done.

    And for what it’s worth, I went looking for this post on HIS. Experienced some PB/HIS confusion.

    Happy New Year. Let’s catch up and see where we’re planning to physically land in the coming months.

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