How to Kill Patients and Get Away With It

The feeling of moral responsibility is inversely proportional to the distance between the moral agent and the point of responsibility.

The closer the point of responsibility, the greater the feeling of responsibility.

To illustrate: it’s easier to blow the face off of a toddler by passive consent to war when she’s 6,000 miles away than 30 feet in front of you. Why? It’s much easier to justify the killing when the toddler has no face to begin with in your mind’s eye.

This is why  banality is so evil – if you don’t feel a sense of responsibility, it’s harder to step up. You feel no reason.

With that, let’s explore how our healthcare institutions, ideologies, practices, providers, FDA, HIPAA, information systems and vendors can continue to kill patients…and get away with it.

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Ten Bucks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person shop or a multi-billion dollar company, there’s one facet of the Web that puts us all on parity: for ten bucks you can buy your own domain.

You can have a million followers on Twitter but you still don’t own your tweets.

You can have a million Likes on Facebook, but you don’t own your status updates

You can have all sorts of success on consumer social media sites – however you define success – but you don’t own the landscape and you have no control of the media.

Yes, your Website can get hacked and you can get hit by a DDOS attack – but the fact is your domain is the only thing on the Web that belongs to you. It’s yours and you get to decide what to do with it: no conforming to some shady social media company’s rules.

I don’t really care what experts say when they claim social media has displaced websites.

For ten bucks, you get 100% equity in your own home. No mortgage.

For ten bucks, you can host your own parties – public, private or a mix of both.

For ten bucks, you get the chance to launch your ideas, to change minds, to lead movements, to start a new life.

For ten bucks, a homeless person can wield as much power as an agency on Madison Avenue.

The 21st Century – as technology-dependent as it’s becoming – belongs to the artists. The winners won’t be the masters of technology and media.

No the winners this century will be the brave creators who know the value of home when the rest of the world wanders off into infinity.

Ten bucks can change the world.