Twitter Chat for Physicians #MDchat

@MD_chatOver a year ago, I started RNchat, a Twitter chat for registered nurses. At that time, I considered launching a similar venture for physicians, but decided that eventually some physician would take a stab at creating one.

It’s been a year, and after seeing the success of RNchat and the need for the perspective of physicians, I realized I should re-visit the idea of a Twitter chat for physicians. After teasing it several weeks ago from @HealthIsSocial, it was clear that there was a lot of interest.

So earlier today I announced the launch of MDchat. The hashtag will be #MDchat and the Twitter account that will administrate it is @MD_chat (mind the underscore).

The full post with the details and the rationales for launching this novel little platform for physicians is right here.

This kind of venue may not be for every physician. That’s OK. But my feeling is that there is a growing realization that the emerging technologies of our century beg to be discerned by all fields – and medicine is certainly no exception.

Feel free to join in! You can Follow @MD_chat right here.


  1. Thanks, Tom –

    Agree – I think once more physicians see the value, we’ll see more adoption.

    Also: the debate about how to use these media can continue right on the chat itself! 🙂


  2. Phil,

    Bold, brave move and you are the right guy to launch a tweet chat for doctors. I think we’ve all read enough speculation and debate in other online communities about the prospective perils and benefits of physician focused community. Now you are going to make it happen.

    Can’t wait to see this conversation start.


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