Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Board of Advisors

Mayo Clinic recently announced its Center for Social Media and I”m happy to be on their external advisory board.

Although there are other similar ‘centers’ or clubs, I believe Mayo Clinic’s may actually be the first major brand – not just healthcare brand – to do something like this. It’s an important step to take and I certainly look forward to seeing it evolve.

Mayo Clinic is still in the process of selecting more members for the board via crowdsourcing. Go ahead and nominate someone you think can make a difference.

I’m hoping to see the composition of the entire board.

This is first step in a long journey as our world continues to adopt evolving technologies. We need all perspectives looking at this, and having Mayo Clinic invest in such an undertaking speaks to the mainstream arrival of emerging media.


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  1. One point to mention concerns the initial absence of a physician on the board.

    Although some physicians may have felt slighted, I seriously doubt that Mayo Clinic willfully did so. There are often logistical issues involved in the formation of a board.

    For years, I’ve been advocating for the role of *all* healthcare professionals in discussions and insights into social media, especially physicians.

    Physicians have critical perspectives on the matter and I’m quite confident that Mayo Clinic will select the a remarkable physicians(s) to represent those perspectives. No need to rush what’s important in the long-term. 🙂

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