Healthcare Uses of Social Media

Last week I presented at the Social Media Plus Summit and discussed the importance of understanding the nature of emerging media before just jumping into the latest craze.

Healthcare adoption of emerging technologies (not just new media) needs to be done with a robust understanding of them in accordance with strategic visions. Privacy isn’t the only consideration in healthcare: dignity, content, information and excellence in communication and community-building are just a few of the others.

I wanted to go beyond that typical social media hype and give a deep view of what’s needed in healthcare communications. Included are some slides on how Information and Content related with each other in order to provide true empowerment for patients.

You can view my presentation below or over here (there’s also another copy here).

Too often, organizations and industries attempt to integrate new technologies without delving deeper into their ramifications, possibilities and limits. As a result, they often run into trouble and then back away, leaving internal champions frustrated. Understanding is the first step toward doing. Paradoxically, though, with emerging technologies you need to do a bit of both at the same time.

If you would like to see me speak to your organization or help conduct personalized workshops and bring some perspective and orientation on process design, email or call me: – 484-372-0451.


  1. Well said Phil (and great presentation). I think you have hit the nail on the head and totally agree with your points. Social media presents a great opportunity for healthcare but like any new opportunity it needs to be fully understood and its uses planned and included in overall strategy in order to be successful. Social media on its own is not the answer to all of the industy’s problems, but properly integrated into a communications strategy, and with enough careful thought and corporate support, it can be a very positive tool in an organisations communications.

  2. I like your pres, Phil. Minimalistic and comfy on the eyes. I’d love to hear the associated verbal content. One of my pet peeves with Slideshare, etc. And thanks for the shout out.

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