Favorited by Pixels and Pills List of Pharma Tweeters

I’m not a particularly big fan of lists of “thought leaders” and such, but occasionally a smart group of people compile some useful observations about folks who are passionate about a topic or field. The good folks over at Pixels & Pills listed my Twitter stream along with several of my other friends’ as active voices in Pharmaceutical adoption of novel media technologies.

I do a lot of work in helping to advance our understanding of the Web, how it impacts our culture and the health care ramifications of the media which it continues to evolve. I do wish, however, that the leading voices in this discussion were the executives and (smart) agencies working in the industry were on lists like these. But perhaps their absence simply reflects a pattern with revolutions: the view from inside the status quo is simply too murky, and thus outsiders’ perspectives are needed to spark things.

At any rate, I’ll take a pat on the back once in a while. You can read their full post here and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. lol – I stand corrected. 😉

    But you know what I mean: it would be nice to see even more smart agencies such as yourselves more active.

    It’s appropriate that you comment, since your Dosie Awards may help to get more attention in the industry.


  2. Hold on there, Phil! I’m on P&P’s list and work for an agency (and a smart one at that). Feel free to spread the word about us: Bridge Worldwide. ; )

    Of course, we’ve only recently started doing Rx pharma work, as we’ve focused in other areas (like CPG). Now, to your point, some pharma companies are coming to us looking to work with companies like us who know the latest in digital because of the work we do for companies from P&G to Red Bull (and everything in between) AND who also have some folks who can translate that work into pharma. That’s where I (and some even smarter people I work with) come in.

    Still a slow go for now, as it’s a big change, but that’s what consumers are demanding and some companies are listening.

    Jonathan Richman (@jonmrich)
    Dose of Digital AND Bridge Worldwide

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