Be A Linchpin Instead of a Cog – Reading Seth Godin

I received my advanced copy of Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensable and will review the book shortly. Seth has a knack for simple and light analogies that do heavy lifting. Cogs are dispensable; linchpins aren’t. As the Technology expands its dominance, The Age of the Cog is giving way to the Age of the Linchpin and Seth sets out to explain how any of us can achieve indispensability.

After reading the first few chapters, it’s clear that Seth provides us with a fresh historical perspective of how our civilization came to be dominated by the Cog-mentality. The ways in which we learned to do business, plan our careers and live our lives largely stemmed from the emergence of factory-like processes that consumed global economies.

But a new technological order is upending the status quo of the factory and the cog. Stability was a luxury that is now vanishing speedily. Replacing the stable order of things is a rapidly evolving Web. Seth sets out to offer us a way out of our fears of change: to become a linchpin – an indispensable presence in the world. It’s a difficult task, but increasingly a paramount one.

What’s the cost of maintaining the Cog system? Seth explains:

“…legions of frustrated workers, wasted geniuses each and every one of them, working like automatons, racing against the clock to crank out another policy, get through another interaction, see another patient.”

For those of you in the healthcare industry: does this sound painfully familiar? We really do need a re-frame of just how much the Technological mentality has influenced everything we do. And I’m glad that Seth – even if he might not realize it – is giving us a way to do such a re-framing.

I look forward to digesting Linchpin and conveying my thoughts and a full review in future posts. You can view of list of reviews and tweets about Linchpin here.

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