Sorry We Won’t Be Putting Pieces Together This Year

In crazy, upending, fast-changing times, the world starts to fall to pieces. Our ability to cheaply connect at the speed of light is disrupting many game boards – newspapers, traditional marketing, customer service, even personal friendship. Puzzles that were once figured out last century are breaking up.

Not everybody is paying attention to the Web. Many businesses still struggle with the staples of today’s daily communications media: blogs, Twitter, FaceBook and custom social network solutions. And they are staples: Twitter and blogging are now nothing new or shiny. They’re old news. Some of us still talk about these things in order to help the late comers. But there’s nothing original to say about them.

We live in a digital age: which is to say, many things are all or nothing. Some companies will thrive in their business fundamentals and on the Web. Others: they just won’t get through the next few years. The fact is there are many organizations that simply are too dysfunctional in their cultures; short-sighted in their visions; fear-laden in their uncertainties; or too busy to notice the lights have changed.

This doesn’t just go for businesses. It applies to me. To you. To your children. The world always changes. But sometimes, once-in-a-lifetime changes happen right during your lifetime. If you knew ten years ago how the world was going to be today, what difference would that knowledge have made for you?

You don’t know how 2020 will look like. But it won’t look like today.  What are you doing right now to clear your vision? What skills are you learning? What do you think you should unlearn?

Will you be putting the pieces together? What will you say when chaos and change come thrashing through your door? Sorry, we won’t be putting pieces together this year – come back later?

When it’s clear that the world you know so well is breaking apart, it’s time to re-frame your view of that world and start putting pieces together which you never before ever connected. A picture is worth a world. Sometimes it can even save a life. Hope is the picture you must have in mind when putting pieces together in the dark.

Happy New Year my friends.