Healthcare on Google Wave

Google Wave is one of the latest products to be rolling out of the never-ending stream of real-time social media technologies. I’ve been experimenting with Wave for a little over a week and still have much to learn.

Wave may be an impressive collaboration platform for small groups but it is not a terribly great public social medium – at least not just in its present form. If developers can build filtering and other utilities on top of Wave’s API, then the protocol may eventually empower new kinds of social media.

Here’s a little test I’m conducting. Below is list of several healthcare people on Google Wave initiated by @ahier. If you have a Google Wave account, you will be able to see the embed. If you don’t have one, you’re out of luck. :( Sorry! But bookmark this page and come back when you do and you’ll see what this wave embed looks like and get a sneak peak of what can be done with Wave.


If you don’t have an account, here’s a screenshot of part of what the embed looks like:

Google Wave EmbedGoogle Wave Embed

Currently, you need an invitation to Google Wave. Stay tuned for more about Google Wave by subscribing to this blog. Hopefully by then you’ll have a Wave account and won’t feel so teased. :)

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