Social Media and the Monetization of Common Sense

CAUTION: The video below is not safe for work or children or for those easily offended by George Carlin’s Seven.

I don’t like the phrase Social Media. Do you? Maybe you do, but I’m sick of it. Why? Because it’s a term that’s hyped and overused and oversold and largely vague. And yet those of us who are interested in online social technologies and their relevance to enterprises, health care and our lives in general almost have no choice but to use it. So it’s with much amusement to see the video below circulating on Twitter.

I suppose because of my blogging about the technology and marketing, organizations find me in Google and approach me to help them with their online business needs. Much of what I do is free because I enjoy helping others who haven’t been paying attention to what happens on the web and can’t imagine taking pay for setting up a Twitter account. What I find, however, is businesses need orientation and problem-solving: it’s not social media that’s their problem – it’s their, well, problems. You can learn these tools and your own (and in my opinion, you have no excuse not to). When the right kind of client decides I’m the right kind of person to help them out, the value is recognized. Don’t pay for free.

Anyway, here’s the video. It’s hilarious. More importantly, there’s truth here about the monetization of common sense. Enjoy.