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I gave two presentations for the National Association of Healthcare Communicators in Chicago, Priming Healthcare for Twitter and Google Is Watching You: Building Your Reputation on Google.

Healthcare communicators, and the industry in general, are increasingly learning the importance of having an effective presence on the web. Over the last several months, after getting out and meeting people in organizations who are working hard to raise internal awareness of online media, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that those organizations who have champions who can communicate the value of social technologies are the ones who are going to thrive in the 21st Century. This week’s conference reinforced the belief that such people are out their who are sincerely interested in leveraging those values.

Here are the two presentations I gave yesterday and this morning.



How successful have your efforts to convey the value of social networking to the leaders of your organization been so far? What are your challenges? Where are the resistance points? Are they related to awareness of how these tools work? Are they related to culture and organizational philosophy? When discussing how social media fits into the ecosystem of your organization, what’s your message? Are you being heard?

Let me know here in the comments. You can follow the tweets at the conference on  #MSW as well as find some very bright people in the industry to connect with.

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