FriendFeed: Still Great At Social Search

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FriendFeed – the uber social-aggregation-lifestream service of the geeky and nerdy – may have an uncertain future given its recent acquisition by Facebook, but its powerful search features remain one of the best ways to search the web. I put together this short screencast for my Twitter buddy  @DaphneLeigh. FriendFeed’s interface can be difficult for some to get used to, so I’ve been assembling short visual tutorials to help out.

Why these tutorials now that FriendFeed may be “dead”? First, when Silicon Valley announces something dead, it doesn’t mean it’s not used: blogs are “dead”, and so is RSS – but they’re very much around – my view: they’re not really dead, they just have new life. Second, I think FriendFeed’s approach to lifestreaming represents the direction of the social web. Third, the FriendFeed’s search is one of the strongest on the web: whereas Google has its algorithm for finding content on servers, FriendFeed adds the benefit of human filtering, such as Likes and comments (the more Likes and comments, the more likely the content has more value and relevance).

If the video embed is working for you, here’s where you can view it (view in fullscreen mode):

Are you using  FriendFeed? Even if you don’t is real-time social search something you would take advantage of? Or might some other service some along and outshine it? Like a social version of Google Reader?

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