How to Use RSS for LinkedIn Answers

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I’m not much of a LinkedIn user, but I dip into the network every once in a while. There’s definitely a big pool of talent to connect with on LinkedIn, but the interface seems a bit claustrophobic for my tastes. Still, I think the Answers feature is a valuable way to help others out and network with others whom you might otherwise never discover.

The easiest way to use Answers is to subscribe via RSS to a few categories of interest. That way you don’t have deal with LinkedIn’s interface, can quickly skim through the most recent questions and decide which ones to answer. If you haven’t used Answers before – or have but found it useless – give this approach a try:

Let me know what you think. Do you find Answers useful? Let me know in the comments or  connect with me on LinkedIn.

[Apologies if the embed is awkward. Here’s the direct link to the screencast.]

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