10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Chris Brogan’s Trust Agents

Chris Brogan has a new book called Trust Agents, co-authored with Julien Smith. I guess it’s about Trust and Agents. Agents of Trust. If you’re serious about being successful online and learning how to meaningfully connect with your stakeholders, you’re better off not paying attention to what some obscure authors who’ve achieved results have to say.

I haven’t read this book because my order hasn’t arrived. I’ve only followed @ChrisBrogan and read his blog and benefited from his content. So how one earth should I know whether to trust him when he says he’s got a book about his stuff published? And why should you?

It’s very simple. Do not buy his book. Here’s why:

  1. You know everything.
  2. Social media is a fad.
  3. Trust is over-hyped.
  4. You don’t need “actionable steps and case studies that show how social media can positively impact your business”.
  5. There’s no need to pay attention to authors with ten or more years of experience in social media – you can go it alone.
  6. Your brand is safely and entirely in your control.
  7. It’s really not the 21st Century
  8. The Web is a dangerous morass of whiners who you can ignore – you’re better off sitting on the sidelines.
  9. The big PR and Communications firms got your back.
  10. Your version of the Status Quo is here to stay.

I’ve never met Chris face-to-face but he’s been what I’d call a valuable online acquaintance – a good man who has helped me along my exploration of the web. I’ve never known him to be useless or unkind or out of touch with our ever-changing social landscape.

If you’ve been following my blog or putting up with my antics on Twitter and wonder why I still blog and explore the possibilities beset before us by social technologies and the communities they can engender, don’t buy Trust Agents. You might learn too much. Trust me.

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