How Not to Twitter: A Guide for Lovers

Reading list
Image by jakebouma via Flickr

No lengthy introduction here. Just a non-inclusive list on how not to Twitter.

  1. Read a  book
  2. Get outside
  3. Meditate
  4. Write a regrets-list from your death bed
  5. Remember a happy moment from your childhood
  6. Change the course of your life based on #5
  7. Found a peaceful but revolutionary party
  8. Watch the Shining, looking closely for clues about the American history we never talk about
  9. Learn the difference between the Free Market and  Being Fooled
  10. Peer up at the stars while thinking of this
  11. Ask yourself  how Media makes you
  12. Rescue the American Dream from the darkness that surrounds us

What do you love? If you find it on Twitter, let us know. If not, just what are you tweeting for?

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