What Do We Know About Social Software & Social Capital?

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These are some thoughts and questions that came to my mind after today’s #HCMKTG chat (2pm EDT every Friday). Two observations in particular came to mind:

  1. Subtle changes in social software can greatly impact the community reach and use of platforms (one platform can  morph into another one very quickly);
  2. An exploration and understanding of Social Capital is needed to better appreciate how the evolving web affects our daily lives

I plan to explore #2 in more detail over future posts, but I need to better articulate them. I’m hoping more of you contribute your thoughts and questions so we can extend and develop the conversation. For now, here are some thoughts for the weekend [link if the embed isn’t visible]:

As always, I’m interested in what you think – it’s why I blog really. So join in: either here or on  Twitter (or if you’re really geeky,  FriendFeed :) ).

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