Pharma Presentation on the Real-Time Consumer at CBI

I’m speaking today at CBI’s 2nd Annual Conference on emerging media for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industries. You can follow the Twitter stream using #Pharma as the tag. Here’s the presentation. A compendium with more detailed notes will be published later.

You can also link directly to The Real-time Consumer (RTC): Twitter Primer for Pharma if the embed isn’t viewable.

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The State Deparment’s Plea to Keep Twitter Up

Seal of the United States Department of State.
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The US State Department asked Twitter to delay its scheduled maintenance to keep the service up:

Reuters: “We highlighted to them that this was an important form of communication,” said the [unnamed U.S.] official of the conversation the department had with Twitter at the time of the disputed Iranian election. He declined further details.”

As exciting as this development may be for helping Iranian victims of tyranny, we aught to consider its implications for the relationship between government and enterprises which offer social media services. There is no doubt that social software and communities like Twitter, FriendFeed or FaceBook spur and extend the reach of democratic voices. Nevertheless, we must always be on guard for manipulating forces which often work against the dilution of their powers.

FriendFeed Discussion (if you can’t see the embed below, here’s the link):

What are your thoughts? Contribute here on the FriendFeed embed above or comments below.

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Rethinking Time in the Real-Time Web

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This post is a bit of an experiment in what could be called expansive blogging. I’ve been thinking about the so-called Real Time Web: what it is, what it means and how it will impact the way we do business, collaborate and lead our daily lives. In a couple of weeks, I will be talking about how the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industries can leverage real-time communities. What I’ve been thinking about lately is the time component of the Real Time Web. Time is something we take for granted: but there’s more to its history than we realize. Time for re-think.

Rather than devote a complete traditional post on the matter, I’ve decided to embed a  FriendFeed riff that I started earlier. Feel free to join (the link is here if the embed isn’t viewable):

As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I’ve been investing a little more time with FriendFeed because I think it offers a great community-enhancement to the kinds of activity that take place on Twitter. I will write more about what I’m up to soon.

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