Tiny Dots, Spider Webs and Burning Moths

Who are you and what are you doing?

You’re connected to Tom who’s connected to Heather who’s connected to Xiang who’s connnected to Olga who’s also connected to Tom who’s connected to…

What’s all this connecting doing? What’s going on? What are you becoming?


Your brain is a swarm of invisible dots.

Your consciousness is the seamless result of connections of tiny mechanisms (neurons) firing other tiny dots (electrons) off at each other. Your consciousness is composed of hundreds of trillions of interneuronal connections exploding every second of our life – a thought bursting here, an emotion glittering there.

The swarming network that is your concsiousness connects you with the rest of the world. It connects you with the past, the present and the future. You’re an entire universe walking through the Universe (or is it many?).

We are lenses through which the world sees the itself. We’re tiny dots of energy. We are a glittering swarm lighting up the dark. We’re candle-flame.


Everyday it’s getting easier and easier to connect dots around the world, to see the world through new lenses. You push a button and you follow one more dot, each dot another brain or bot.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to follow anybody in the world. More importantly, you can lead too.

What happens to our world as all these dots, these tiny universes, string along together? What changes? What’s created? What’s destroyed?

When thinking about social networks, what are you connecting? Who or what are you following? Are you leading more than you follow?


Do you see how important it is to understand the nature of connecting with whoever – or whatever – you’re connecting with?

You and I are spinning a vast living web of dots and none of us know for sure what we’re catching.

In today’s world, connection isn’t just linking two more dots together. It’s enabling more dots to fire off at each other and create a larger swarm: to signal Yes or No or Maybe.

Those threads weaving between the dots (among ourselves): what is it making?

Just what are you? Spider? Or moth?

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