Pharma, Presence-Marketing And You

You have a medical condition. RemarkaPharma, Inc. has a tiny blue pill for it. You’re in one place. The blue orb is in another.

You each share a common problem. It is called presence.

If you’re nowhere near the pill, you’re farther away from a place called health.

Many important things must go into the pill for it to work: science, effort, hope, money, labor, research, care, vigilance. Integrity.

Since the truth is integrity and health is wholeness, your life depends on the honesty of others.

You need a link, a thread of hope, a life-line to a place you have a right to be and that blue pill is a part of the rescue effort. RemarkaPharma needs to be present for you if what they have is to do any good.

You can’t afford for RemarkaPharma to waste resources or to squander the important things that go into that little pill. In an age of  mass-connection and  real-time surveillance, neither can RemarkaPharma.

What both of you need is a meeting place. It is called a market. The happenings and efforts to get you and RemarkaPharma to the market are called marketing. Nothing in marketing can happen without presence – hopeful, truthful and meaningful presence.

You need the sort of marketing that converges the important things, like integrity and innovation and hope, onto a healing place.

Welcome to presence-marketing. It’s not something that has been done well in recent years. You, me and RemarkaPharma will need to change that. The paradigm to which traditional marketers have adapted last century will need to be inverted and the force of resistance will take cleaver undermining. Only the creative will survive the revolution.

Pay attention carefully to this revolution: some of us care with passion about your health and for the re-markable presence it requires.

Whether you know it or not, your health depends upon presence-marketing. RemarkaPharma owes you its presence because if it’s not present for you then we all lose.

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Twitter Is For You

You don’t need to read another post on Twitter.

You can tweet whatever you want. Or never tweet at all. There may be consequences, but it’s your cause.

You can tweet for pleasure. You can tweet for business. You can tweet for love too.

Twitter is what happens when the flood-gates of infinite connection open up and you enter not knowing what’s around the bend in the stream.

You can argue about who to follow or when to follow or why to follow. You can argue the opposites too.

Twitter is  Hermes and you are the message.

What will you decide to do with Twitter?

It’s your choice. Twitter is for you.