Twitter Game Theory

If you’re interested in using Twitter as a tool for business or activism or other enterprises, Guy Kawasaki offers a straightforward algorithm to use Twitter. Guy’s term for Twitter as business tool is Twool. The Twool has passed around the web enough, but I’m throwing this down because the slide show below is worth a scan.

You can read Guy’s post or you can save time by viewing the visual below.

Twitter will likely go mainstream and its Search feature will introduce us to a new kind of search to supplement traditional search: real-time human pooling.

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  1. Thanks Phil – for embedding our Flash on Twitter as a Twool.

    I am very impressed by your noble objective “I am going to discover how to improve the health of every child, woman and man on the planet.”
    I wish you a lot of success. If there is something I can help you with – will be happy to .

    Sandeep Arora
    Architect of VizEdu
    CEO of

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