Twitter Deflowered

Ok, we talked about Twitter addiction. Serious stuff I suppose. Now, for the lighter side of Twitter.

Come on Social Media Strategists, Specialists, Mavens, Evangelists: lighten up. We know you’ve got some remarkable ideas about how to incoporate Twitter into the marketing game. But sometimes a remarkable permission-based mechanism like Twitter is just something to have fun with.

If it’s true that the future of the web is the Great Democritizer, then it stands to reason that we all can figure out how to use the tools of social media to meet our particular needs (or, more importantly, the needs of others). It’s OK for people to use Twitter the way it was probably intended: as a way for people to share experiences.


If Corporate America can’t figure out how to use Twitter, why should we help it? Most of Corporate America let us down: Big is failing everyday, and we’re asked to prop it up. Screw ’em. Don’t we have a duty to let the big losers lose and let the good people with brains and personalities win? Natural selection isn’t an evil. It’s not a good, either. But it is the reality of all living things.

So: how about we just use Twitter anyway we want? It’s a permission-based tool. If you don’t like the way someone is using Twitter, just unfollow, either for a short while or forever.

We’re in for some rough years ahead of us. Human connection is dearer to us now than ever before. Twitter may have just arrived in time for us to give ourselves permission to re-connect in an intimate way. Our ancestors would be proud of this little bird we have been given.

We aren’t connecting like we should in 3-D (electrons now form the thread between us more and more every day). We have a responsibility to use our technologies wisely, mindfully and enjoyably. Do you really want to be a slave of someone else’s ‘expert’ rules?


Let’s not take Twitter so seriously. Yes, it can be an important component of marketing ourselves, our dreams, our products, our services, our ideas. It’s more important, however, that we simply connect and share enjoyable meanings.

Figure out your own way of using Twitter. Go ahead, read the Broganizer and Problogger (I read them too). If, on the other hand, you’re not using Twitter in your own style then you’re missing the carnival.

Remember when you were young? When your friends made you laugh and you played in the sun-showers or jungle-gym during recess? You loved it, didn’t you? Where did those days go? There’s a sadness in those sweet thoughts, isn’t there? See: we are connected, aren’t we?


Think of Twitter as a gift, a golden thread, a Hermes of light in a dark time. What will you do with this gift?

I don’t know what you want from Twitter. I know I’d like you to laugh with me. Even for the serious matters, I’d like to know that you’re enjoined in a meaningful stimulation of intelligent thought. For the first time in our history, we finally have a chance at way to enjoy the human condition. Think about that for a bit (please).

Too many of us are draping Twitter in ornate clothing. It’s time to deflower Her (yes, Twitter’s a woman). I don’t mean this in a sexist abuse of the feminine divine. I simply mean that she’s giving birth to something beautiful. It’s up to us to nourish the infant. What better way than with human joy?

I hope that you see the brilliance of frivolous things. Twitter’s frivolous. Enjoy it, won’t you? Will you come join my fun?

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly that Twitter is filling a void in human connection and that you should “use Twitter any way you want… just do it your way.” Twitter streams live information about others to you, creating a whole new imputed reality. It'sbasic interaction and community that many don't experience on a daily basis. We don't need Twittevangelists, or large corporations, we just need ourselves and those around the world who we are drawn to.

    I love Twitter.

    I also love sun-showers. 🙂

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