Daily Diigo Discoveries 11/18/2008

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  1. Kirsti,

    Good question. I think there's some overlap between crowdsourcing and wisdom of the crowd. I view crowdsourcing as way to gather ideas or solutions to a problem one person or group has to solve. The wisdom of the crow is a kind of collective result of larger collaborative efforts. That's just a rough stab I'm making.

    I suppose the trick with crowd-wisdom is validity. How do we validate the wisdom of the crowd? That's a difficult problem, especially if the crowd is one of the few sources of potential wisdom.

    Hmmm, some more thinking on this is worthwhile. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Phil,
    Interesting comment about crowdsourcing….. so is this like a 'harvesting of thoughts' where collaborative work is more like putting collective ideas to work…. I guess I am interested in the distinction….. especially as it pertains to how good ideas rise above the 'not so good' ones….


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