Nothing Is Too Big to FAIL, Except…

Even God leaves the gas on.

Our life-sustaining sun will die.

Economies fail. Companies fail. Employees fail. We all fail.

Newspaper clipping, December 24, 1913

Sometimes our failures aren’t our faults; sometimes bad things just happen; and other times we fail ourselves and others.

GM has failed. It wants me (and you!) to bail the company out, ultimately under the threat of force. If we don’t pay up, millions will suffer. That kind of talk is nothing short of economic duress and social terrorism. (Moral: Tell a lie so big it sounds like a call for the truth. Scream a threat so loud it sounds like a cry for help.)

In October our government and the propagandists for the American Banking Cartel Federal Reserve threatened us with doom if we didn’t agree to a highly specific bailout plan. We caved in to fear. Weeks later we were told “Oh, wait, we were totally wrong about our first threat…but here’s another, more ominous one.” Do you see?: when we give permission to be afraid of incompetent psychopaths, we deserve what we get.

We don’t need to stop GM from failing. We can let it fail without disappointing its employees and suppliers. Failure does not equal bailout but bailout means failure. Failure means: “We failed. Let someone else succeed.”

Let GM fail. GM failed us all. So did the wrong kinds of regulation. Let GM’s capital assets, liabilities and equity be absorbed by others. Give promising companies a chance to succeed. Put GM on the market to committed investors interested in long-term success. Let them hire GM’s talent. Those who are left out can recieve enough financial support (as part of the agreement with GM’s dinning guests) to help them re-train and adjust to the 21st Century.

A dark time is coming to our country. The Baltic Dry Index (a very dry-sounding term few of us ever heard of before) may portend a painful decade ahead of us. We are only going to survive the cold and dark times if we keep our spiritual furnaces burning. The fuel of that burning is our integrity.

A free people does not stand for injustice, does not give permission to fear and never yields to the duress of barbarians at the gates. The only system of living worth fighting for is one that keeps its citizens’ integrity intact. Integrity is a big deal. When people talk about the right kind of God, they’re talking about integrity.

Nothing is too big to fail. Nothing, except for integrity. When integrity fails, everything fails.

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