Worst Case Scenario..A List For

Japanese tea ceremony.

What’s the worst case scenario? It’s different for all of us. For some, it’s losing your money. For others it’s losing your mind. Or integrity. Or love. There’s no shortage of worst case scenarios. Have you thought about your worst case scenario? What would you do if you met it?

Here are some thoughts on how to handle the worst case scenario of a prolonged economic slump or depression:

  1. Learn to meditate
  2. Learn how the Federal Reserve System works
  3. Reconsider your entire viewpoint on everything
  4. Pay attention to what you love
  5. Learn how to conduct a Japanese Tea ceremony

Hard times are ahead. They’ll be painful.

But: when have there never been hard times? Getting through them is what makes us human.

Loss can be (painfully) liberating. Not all worst case scenarios are equal. Sometimes, they work to your advantage.

What’s your worst case scenario? What’s on your list?


  1. Very, very good remarks. If I may be so bold, I would add to it the importance of remaining calm. Do not panic, although many (including the media) may panic. Wall Street is crashing, the sky is not falling. It's the calm ones, who did not lose their heads that made it through the Great Depression with their dignity and a renewed sense of self-worth. IMHO.

    Better times will come again.

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