Mediocrity + Ambition = Catastophe

NEVER underestimate mediocre people. Success, however defined, doesn’t require remarkability. Anybody with laser-guided ambition can acquire a phenomenal arsenal of power. If the person has mediocre talent and a mediocre moral system, the synergy is catastrophic.

Reichsparteitag. Ubersicht Uber den grossen Appell der SA, SS und des NSKK. Overview of the mass roll call of SA, SS, and NSKK troops. Nuremberg, November 9, 1935.

In the case of national figures, entire cultures can be ruined in a short time. Last century, a mediocre man from a mediocre family  acquired unprecedented but remarkable ferocity of power. The results were genocidal and nearly shoved the world into a thousand years of darkness.

In the case of business leaders, good corporations can be transformed into machines of exploitation. What’s happening in the financial and auditing industries exemplify the rule of ambitious mediocrity. Now, the world’s economic superpower faces a slowdown in its conveyor belt of liquidity.

In the case of citizenry, mediocre education coupled with mediocre impulse-control enhances the chances of socioeconomic mediocrity. Democracy only works for remarkable people. Fascism is for the mediocre.

If you want your democracy or business or culture to survive and thrive, select the most remarkable people you can find no matter how difficult the challenge. Don’t vote for mediocre politicians; don’t vote for mediocre executives; don’t buy mediocre products and services; don’t hire mediocre talent.

In the case of this year’s election, can you recognize someone who has the highest concentration of mediocrity and ambition? I hope you can because I’ll be affected by your recognition or overlooking.

Ambitious mediocrity, sooner or later, ends in catastrophe. Ironically, it’s a remarkable principle

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