Healthcare Is America’s Achilles Heal

Is the bailout crisis bad? Yes. Will our economy get worse. Yes. Will it get better? Yes. When and how is hard to say. For all of the panic over the bailout crisis, nothing could sink our economy more than healthcare. Healthcare is our Achilles Heal.

Our healthcare system just isn’t right. It’s a Frankenstein of perverse corporate incompetence and socialist ignorance. If you can figure out novel ways to deliver better healthcare, you could create a lucrative business for yourself and provide a remarkable benefit to your country. In 2006, over $2 Trillion pierced the heal. The arrows will keep flying.

Ajax carrying the body of Achilles. Attic black-figure lekythos, ca. 510 BC. From Sicily.

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A time like this is when marketing breakthroughs arrive. Nothing sets the creative mind on fire as much as the adrenaline of doom. Some people thrive on it, others exhaust themselves. The health of our nation is in jeopardy. If you’re smart and ambitious, you might help to save it.

If you’re a social media marketer, consider targeting the healthcare industry. (The pharmaceutical industry will need you to figure out how to transition from the age of mass communication to mass connection.)

I’m working on a little project to set things in motion. A different approach. I hope you have a little patience. I think there’s a way to protect our Republic’s Achilles Heal. An ebook will be coming out to help spur a new kind of movement.

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