Experts Don’t Matter

Experts don’t have a monopoly on heroism. In fact they can be downright dangerous.

Do you think all those people involved in the mortgage-backed securities travesty were stupid, inexperienced amateurs who had no clue about what they were doing? Many of them were but there sure wasn’t a shortage of experts. In fact, those experts knew exactly what they were doing, expertly so.

Experts are good at what they do because of their experience, not necessarily because of their heart-felt caring for other people. People need expertise, not titles. If you claim to be an expert, then love what you do and care for the people you work for. If that’s what you do then you’re more than an expert: you’re a hero. Heroes matter.

For example, Social Media experts are everywhere. When they’re everywhere, they’re nowhere. In other words, they don’t matter.

So if you want to tout your expertise then you better possess a passion for making other people’s lives better, not yours. And you better do what you love in a way that sets you apart from the experts. 

Don’t get fooled by words. Experts don’t matter if they don’t care about you or if they’re all over the place.

Don’t trust the experts when you can invest in heroes.

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