Success Will Never Happen For You…

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…until you appreciate the power of failure. Let’s face it: most of use are losers. Some of us are in terrible denial about losing: we’ve got a chronic fear of failure. So we obsess over success, perhaps to compensate.

If you want to be successful, but haven’t failed, then at best you’ll have to count on luck. Luck is something that happens. Good luck happens a lot less than bad luck. In fact, most of what happens around us are the results of bad luck.

Only you can decide what success means. Your culture defines success. Your parents or guardians defined success. Don’t be fooled by the standards. If you succeed on other people’s terms, you’re probably not doing what matters to you. And you will be depressed one day.

So keep an eye open on your failures. They aren’t scarce. In fact, if you look around you, all of the animals, plants and even the microscopic creatures you fail to notice have come to us through billions of failings.

Failure breeds a remarkable world, if you’re willing to value its place in it. Failure is not as much an option as it is a necessity.

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