Twelve Questions Concerning Your Bliss

Follow your bliss. That’s what Joseph Campbell once told me. Well, he said so on TV and I thought that he was speaking to me. But he was speaking to you too.

I don’t believe that bliss is a state, place or destination. I think that bliss is more of a stream of questions that fills our ignorance with wisdom. I suppose we have to plunge into that stream and follow it wherever it goes.

We live in a time when questioning is perhaps our most reliable technology. So here are twelve questions, or disciples if you like, to follow:

  1. Do you know how remarkable you are?
  2. Can you get creative when your plans and your work no longer have meaning?
  3. Do you know how to feel inexplicably elated when you face your next layoff?
  4. Do you plan your work and work your plan?
  5. Who would you rescue from the dark side?
  6. Do you know how to deal with terrorists and with the people who don’t?
  7. How are you different from your enemies?
  8. Could it be that if we were less serious then we’d more responsible?
  9. Do you think that what you make is proof of what you think?
  10. What are we proving with the kind of world we’re making?
  11. Do you trust that if you follow your bliss then the Force will get your back, always?
  12. Could this thing be a compass?:

I know the list seems random at points. But there are so many stumbles along our path and they can be pretty random.

When Joseph Campbell told us to follow our bliss, I think he meant it literally. We know that we are supposed to follow our bliss, but for some reason many of us suffer from spiritual ADHD. What gets us off the path?

I’m looking for collective answers, because I think we might be entering a dark time.


What questions do you think are important for our time?

What’s your bliss? Are you following it? If not, what are you following?


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