The 13 Blog Topics to Boost Readership 40,404%

If you want to boost traffic to your site, become recognized as a leading authority in the blogosphere and make lots of money, then the list offered here is a must-read. If you’re not blogging about blogging, Twittering about FriendFeed, FriendFeeding about FriendFeed, or Plurking on and off and then Twittering about Plurking on and off, you will fail as a blogger.

Successful bloggers must stand out. Distinguish yourself. If you don’t stand out, you’ll be stood up. So what can you do to avoid being stood up?

There are several ways to avoid being stood up by your readers. But to help you best your focus and your passion for blogging about blogging, here are the 13 Blog Topics that will boost your readership 40,404%:

  1. Write an interesting blog post about blogging
  2. Write a post detailing 23 ways to use Twitter
  3. Write a post about FriendFeed and Robert Scoble
  4. Write a post about how FriendFeed is better than Twitter
  5. Tweet your post about FriendFeed being better than Twitter.
  6. Write an interesting blog post about how to write an interesting post about blogging
  7. Make sure that FriendFeed is pulling in your Tweets and tell your readers which service updates first
  8. Offer a “Best Of” post with an introduction about how to SEO the title of your “Best Of” post
  9. Post about the pitfalls of a guest blogger
  10. Have a guest blogger write a post on your blog
  11. Survey your readers about why Twitter is still flapping its wings after of these crashes
  12. Write a post about why FriendFeed and Twitter can’t be compared after all
  13. Write a post about the how Twitter and FriendFeed are ruining metablogging, comments and your productivity

If you keep these 13 Blog Topics at your fingertips, you won’t be stood up. You’ll stand out. And so will your competition.

Obviously, I’m goofing around here. And I’m not maliciously picking on any one or group of bloggers. Most of the meta bloggers are doing an invaluable and rermarkable service to the blogging community and this post should not be taken as a slight on those professionals by any means. Still, it’s fun to meta blog. Which is what this post is doing, ironically.

Happy blogging! Ciao!

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  1. Boy, I’m glad I kept reading until the end! My first inclination was to start following the steps one by one. What a disaster! Talk about grasping for straws!

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