The Biggest Drawing in the World?

August Zacchrison claims to have drawn the biggest drawing in the world using GPS and DHL. He sent a briefcase containing a GPS device through DHL on a path that traced his self-portrait accross the globe. I suppose we still need more confirmation that he did this, but it sounds very conceivable.

I wish the video was a bit more cleaver in presenting his idea. Still, it’s impressive; and it shows the creative potential for technology in the right kinds of hands.

Can you think of ways to use social media tools with the same kind of creativity? Could something like this be done with Twitter? A topic for me to cover in future posts.

UPDATE (May 27, 2008): Looks like this was all a fake. Still, a cool idea and it still brings up the whole matter of how we can use technology in ways it was never intended. I’m not sure why it was faked really. It would have been a greater story if it were true. But, hey, this is why journalism is still something we need to keep alive.

To Do List for the Twenty First Century

We are living through a time that will bring merciless changes to in everything we do. Moore’s Law is now no longer just applicable to microchips; it’s bleeding into our lives and unless we have an awareness of the dangerous opportunities we face, we will become replaceable cogs in a mindless contraption. So here is a list (certainly not exclusive or exhaustive) of ten items I plan to put into action for the rest of my life:

  1. Practice resurrection
  2. Abandon fear as a strategy
  3. Unlearn your prejudices every day
  4. Look where you are in the Long Tail
  5. Reject hope for presence of mind
  6. Remember impermanence
  7. Teach the young to forgive us
  8. Become what you already are
  9. Go where it hurts the most
  10. Encourage natural intelligence before it’s artificial

This is my list for how to thrive through the torrential culture shocks that are quaking through our mutual lives. You may have completely different ideas about how to approach our time. Do you have a list? If you do, please post them into your comments.