What Apple Saw in 2010

In the 1980’s Apple would run commercials predicting how the world would look in the future. Here’s one:

Pretty remarkable. A bit 80’s cheesy, but still fairly close to what we’re doing these days.

But here’s an observation and a question. There was a time before personal computers and the internet when writers had great visions about the kinds of things we’d see in the future. Those writers had incredible imagination and they understood the moral implications of their high-tech visions. But now that we actually have some of the stuff around, we don’t seem to produce the same quality or number of visionary writers. What happened?


  1. Thank you for your comments and your story about The Tree of Knowledge. Wow!

    It’s interesting that when Adam followed Eve in eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil he was doing so to imitate her and she had eaten the apple in imitation of god (to be like a god). So original sin could be seen as the wrong kind of imitation.

    iPods have become popular for many reasons, but the most important factor was the fact that other people had them. Those remarkable music players have been passed around like little Apples of viral knowledge.

    So a question: was the Apple a good thing (which is what the ancient Gnostics have claimed) or a mark of the beast?

    Either way, a very cool bit of knowledge. Thanks again, Lisa.

  2. Just finished watching this video – this is really great. Apple has always been, and remains, a visionary company – – always forward thinking. I’ve attended a few presentations from the Design guru’s from Apple and it’s always a fascinating experience.

    The last talk I attended (and I forget the guys name).. they de-constructed the Apple logo. You know, the white apple with a single bite taken out of it. He asked the audience to interpret the bite.

    Many people said the same thing: “Take a bite out of technology”, “Taste the Apple”, “Give us a try”…everyone went in that same general direction.

    The presenter explained that the bite out of the apple, in the logo, signifies original sin.


    Why, he asked, would a respectable company build their entire brand and message around the worst, first sin that humans committed?

    The message is simple, he said: “The quest for knowledge.”

    Knowledge + Temptation = Apple

    I thought it was brilliant 🙂

    Nice to visit your place here on the web, Phil. Thank you, again, for your recent kind words!

    Take care, Lisa

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