A New Beginning

Well we all have to start somewhere and WordPress is a good place to start a personal blog.

I remember a few years ago when the word blog was becoming popular and we all thought blogs were either for political hacks or vain geeks. Although that might be somewhat true, the greater truth is that blogs are here to stay with us for lot longer I think. 

In an age when anybody can get onto a computer or an iPhone or blackberry or whatever portable devices that can connect large groups of people together, it will become almost impossible for businesses to stay in business unless they turn out remarkable products and services. Going quickly are the days of spending huge sums of money on advertising to build a successful enterprise. We’re now participating in either the democritization of the world or the mobification of it or some combination of the two. We shall see.

The technological innovations that are converging into what is generally referred to as Web 2.0 are generating enormous shifts in economic, social, cultural and geopolitical relationships. The exponential curve of change is increasingly inflecting at sharper angles and unless one really understands the general trends, it’s going to be very easy for large groups of people to become economically, culturally and socially displaced. But as these technologies become less expensive and more ubiquitous and user-friendly, more adopters will be able to ride the curve. My goal is not to become a laggard. My hope is that we all keep up.

For now, I believe the world is becoming increasingly democratic, although the transformation will involve a lot of hard work, dangers, and other kinds of resistance. This is going to be a merciless but remarkable century and since technology will be the dominant influence on it, it’s probably wise that we establish a remarkable relationship with it.

Blogging is a small but growing part of the changing roles we will be taking on and I’m glad to have finally broken down to pound out the keyboard and see where I can fly with it. I hope you join me in my dream to make this world at least a little more remarkable than it was before we came along.